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A data-driven

Map Illustration & Data Visualization

May 2023

Who needs a "cold" zoom meeting call when you can make a data-driven map to better know each other?


Martina (@ta_daaata) and Ilaria (@humap_) just made it.


Despite their different backgrounds as designers, they discovered to have a lot of things in common, first of all: they are always traveling.


In 2022, they both traveled a lot and after collecting data about their travels, including the means of transportation used and the reasons behind their journeys, they decided to create an imaginary map of their experiences.

It's a data-driven map that tells the stories of their travels, with details about their journeys and memories, all represented in one place.

The world is represented as if it were one big city, with buildings instead of places and neighborhoods instead of continents. It's a trip around the world in just one city! 

Source: Personal data

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