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Cryptos Energy Consumption Index

Research and Data Visualization

JUNE 2022

This DataViz reports the "Bitcoin and Ethereum Consumption Index" referred to 22/06/2022 and provided by Digiconomist, a web platform dedicated to analyzing the economic consequences of new digital trends. Digiconomist is curated by Alex de Vries Global a well-rounded professional in FinTech and the FS sector and a specialist in Bitcoin and blockchain.

To make more environmentally-conscious cryptos users it is important to raise awareness on the unsustainability of the proof-of-work algorithm. Bitcoin's miners are consuming a huge amount of energy, moreover, the energy used is primarly sourced from fossil fuels.

Resolving energy expenditure without sacrificing security and decentralization has been a focus of research for years.

Until this will happen we must choose more sustainable cryptocurrencies.

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