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Map Illustration & Data Visualization

JUNE 2023

When we go on a trip and experience a beautiful moment we want to remember, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Very easy: taking a photo. We might even take two or more. The photos we capture give us the illusion of preserving that moment forever, allowing us to relive it anytime we want in the future. But are we really sure about this? Or is it more likely that this is just an illusion and that the photo actually distracts us from fully experiencing that moment, only to end up forgotten in the phone's memory among countless other videos, photos, and screenshots of all kinds?

Now, here's a new idea: a map of travel memories. Let's start with Brooklyn!

The Brooklyn map, created as a memory of beautiful moments spent within a day during a trip to NY, is made using Brooklyn's color palette to fill the various blocks based on their size (area).

The small data visualized here - taken during a particular day spent walking in the neighborhoods - are displayed using simple geometric elements and colors. They represent not only the places visited and the reasons (where and why) but, most of all, the feelings (how) felt during that day. The result is a map that embraces and speaks of pleasant trip memories, as or even better than pictures.

Source: Open Street Map

and personal data

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