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Humapdesign is a creative project -  led by Ilaria Marzano -  specialized in information design and map illustrations. Its mission is to transform data into meaningful designs to support and amplify the impact of informational campaigns for companies, research groups, museums, and magazines, integrating creativity and artistic sensitivity with cutting-edge tools.

The main objective is to communicate effectively, make information accessible, and raise public awareness, utilizing a process that includes hand-drawn sketches, digital resources, illustrations, maps, GIF animations, and images generated by artificial intelligence. 

Ilaria marzano humap design.png

Ilariamarzano is an architect and designer based in Milan, Italy, with a passion for data and maps. She began her career in interior design and transitioned into the field of data visualization and map-making after 5 years of working as an architect. In 2021, she founded Humap, embarking on her journey with data-driven design. Some of her works have garnered international interest and have been featured in magazines such as Designboom and Domus. Simultaneously, she explores her artistic vision by illustrating maps and experimenting with new materials and craft techniques.

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