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Costellazioni Urbane

Map Design and Data Visualization


A huge ecosystem of innovative practices and social projects animate the territory of Rome, just as the stars illuminate its sky. And just as constellations these realities form networks of cooperation and social participation.

Avanzi – Sostenibilità per azioni, an independent Italian company decided to map all of them for the Strategic City Plan of Rome.

We collaborate with Avanzi to create a graphic project and a final exhibition Costellazioni Urbane - Geografie dell'innovazione.

The data viz project, consists of maps, infographics and data visualization aimed at analyzing and mapping 329 urban realities that make a vital contribution to innovation and social cooperation in the metropolitan area of Rome.

From popular gyms to neighborhood committees, from open-air museums to outdoor education and urban gardens, local farms and much more.

Here to see the photo reportage and the on-site research made by Avanzi.

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